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Why I wrote this Blog


My purpose for writing this blog is to inspire people who, like I did, dream of working in fashion or just moving from their countries. I hope that my journey can help all those crazy dreamers, with a vision for their life, that don’t know quite where to start. 

I feel like by telling my story, I can encourage others to pursue their own ambitions. Everything is possible if you work hard for it and have a clear vision. There’s bound to be challenges along the way and I want to be honest in talking about those. In the same way, there are always amazing opportunities and exciting life experiences on that path that make it worth it! I’m excited about sharing mine with you as well!

I also want to share everything I’ve learned in terms of fashion, beauty, health, and lifestyle. I’m totally against gate keeping info; we can all learn from each other!

With that in mind, why not offer my services, my work! What I do must be useful for someone out there, so I am happy to put it out for the world to see.

That is my purpose with this blog. I hope you are loving it as much as I am; I truly have so much fun putting it together!

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