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What my clients Say!

“It has been a joy to work with Daniela, she is personal, attentive, and she is great at spotting pieces that look great and fit my lifestyle. I have fallen in love with many pieces she chose that are normally outside of my preferences. I am happy to have discovered new styles that work for me. She takes consideration of my styles and lifestyle while showing me how to expand my wardrobe with unique pieces. She is very responsive and makes the process so easy and convenient. I love working with Daniela and I highly recommend her service to anyone who is looking to upgrade their

wardrobe! ”


- Ikuyo Yamada

“I had the great pleasure of meeting DVF and her team in San Francisco this past Fall. While the beautiful collection of clothing was amazing, her team was more amazing; I fell in love. In particular, Daniela Robles was one of the stylists who helped me select pieces that suited my physique and personality. We have become friends and she is someone I trust to guide me through the cuts and colors to find just the right pieces for me; it is a very personal experience that simplifies what could be rather intimidating. If you are looking for an ongoing fun relationship with a stylist who you can trust, Daniela is the person for you!!”


- Rebecca Möller

 ”Daniela is the best stylist I've had”


“Her distinctive standing as a fashion stylist and General Manager of the DVF Flagship store, where her creative talents and uncanny ability to drive sales has been recognized in this company for the past five years, has proven to be invaluable addition to the success of this operation.


Daniela has created a new standard of excellence for our retail operation. After the hit of the pandemic, Daniela was valued and trusted enough to be the only USA manager retained and she is currently developing innovative ways to drive business such as virtual styling sessions with clients worldwide.”


- Diane von Furstenberg

What - Diane vo says!
Diane von Furstenberg
“Can’t wait to hear from you!”


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