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My First Year as a Dog Mom: Oscars Adventures


As I am writing this post I got a call from Mequi, letting me know that Oscar is in the hospital because he ate a sandwich in the street and it happened to had a toothpick which is now stuck in his throat. He is going to be sedated and the procedure will cost us $1,000. But we love him so what are you going to do! Ahh this crazy dog!

It’s been a journey with this little guy! I grew up with two dogs in Colombia but I have to admit that I never did any work. I just pet them and love them, but all the dirty work and training was definitely not done by me!

I do remember a few times my dogs were crazy, la negra, one of my dogs got lost once and my dad had to walk the streets for hours until he found her playing in a local park at 4 am. Hanna, my other dog destroyed the apartment carpet and god knows how much that cost to repair.

Somehow, I thought that because Oscar was small he was going to be easy but… I was wrong!

He destroyed our apt too! His favorite thing to do is biting our furniture, you look at the legs of the dining table and chairs and they are all destroyed. He also had a hard time learning to pee in the pad, so he peed all over our wooden floors and stained them all.He also peed in the edges of the couch, every single day. Not to mention that he loves to mess the internet cable and ate all the cords around the house. Last, but not least, he loves eating poop. I know… what?! I never knew this was a thing. But he does..

As he is getting older he is behaving better, I think? I haven’t been home in a couple of months due to the pandemic but that’s what Mequi says. But this first year was quite the challenge.

But honestly, I would do it all over again! He is the cutest little dog I ever met. He is so loving and he is always there for me. I love him so much and I couldn’t imagine my life without him!

He has taught me so much and essentially unconditional love. No matter how bad he behaves or how much he doesn’t get things I love him and will do anything for him.

It is incredible how much love dogs bring into your home. To many more years with this little devil! Hopefully he learns his way soon!

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