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Mexico City



Mexico City was a super fun experience, it reminds me a lot of my hometown!

It’s a very big city, full of amazing restaurants, bars, nightlife, museums, and culture. A
very authentic city, Mexico City 's culture is present in every corner you go to.
Mexicans are super friendly and a lot of fun. Everywhere we went we felt welcomed and
had a great time.

Below I listed things to do and some recommendations for restaurants and bars.

For walking or sightseeing:


  • Roma, Condesa, Reforma: nice neighborhoods to walk around

  • Castillo de Chapultepec: a beautiful place with excellent views and amazing history

  • Museo Jumex

  • Museo Frida Kahlo

  • Centro de Coyoacán

  • Zócalo

  • Bellas Artes

  • Xochimilco Trajineras

Restaurants / Bars


  • Fiera: a rooftop

  • República: fun club

  • Cafe Paraiso: fun bar

  • Sartoria: Italian food

  • Contramar: seafood

  • Maximo Bistrot: International food

  • Four seasons: a great place for brunch

  • Quintonil: Mexican Food

  • Blanco Castelar

  • Iwashi: a sushi spot

  • Scotch: bar

  • La Buena barra: nice lunch and drinks

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