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I grew up having dogs and I adored them. They have their own personalities and add so much happiness to the family. 

Me and my roommate have been living together since we moved to New York and for the past year we’ve been talking about how nice it would be to have a dog.

New York feels like home to us and we are finally settled with stable jobs; we figured it was the right moment.

Our only hesitation was that New York is a very busy city and there’s not much time to be at home. We felt bad that if we got a dog, he would be alone too long. However, our schedules are kind of the opposite so it works well. We’re able to balance time with our dog.

We started looking at pictures of different breeds, to figure out what we wanted. We concluded that, for the size of our New York city apartment, a small dog would be best.

Then a last-minute trip to Colombia came up, we were going to the carnival of Barranquilla with our friends. We had the brilliant idea to get the dog from Colombia, since the prices are so much cheaper than in New York. 

We found an Instagram account for a breeder in Colombia and found this really cute shih tzu that we immediately gravitated to.

We contacted them and they made everything super easy; they said they were going to have all the paperwork ready for him to be able to leave the country.

We were super excited! One night we were talking about the Oscars and I was like, “Should we name him Oscar?” We both felt it was the perfect name! 

Going to Colombia, we were so excited to meet him. Before leaving we ordered all his things and made sure everything was ready for when he came home with us.

 The big day finally came, we drove to pick him up. And there he was, so cute and little! Our beautiful puppy.

He's been loved since day one and always will. We’ve seen him grow and change every day. He is the best company and utterly adorable. We love him. I’m so glad that we found him, his forever home!

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