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Living in Arizona as a New Yorker


As many of you know, I am from Colombia and I have been living in New York for the past six years. I have traveled a lot around the United States even before moving here. But I never thought of visiting Arizona, and I have to say it is truly a hidden gem! Well actually, it might not be hidden and many people probably heard of the beautiful landscapes that Arizona has to offer, but certainly not me!

My first time in Arizona, mores specifically in Scottsdale was a year ago. I am not sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised with its gorgeous views, it’s nice weather (event though in summer it gets really hot! But luckily dry heat) and its upscale setting, the houses are gorgeous and you can find pretty much everything you need and more. Coming from New York, good restaurants and prime shopping is a must! And Scottsdale has it all!

Of course, it is a very different lifestyle, maybe if I had a car and we were not quarantined I would leave the house more, but I really have enjoyed my time here. Everyone is super friendly and warm.

I also have enjoyed hiking even though I get exhausted due to the very dry hot weather, I really enjoy the views and the opportunity of being outside. 

I have been lucky to call this place home for the past three months, and as much as I miss my routine in NYC, this was definitely an amazing break.

I would say is nice to have the change of a much calmer city and space. Even though I have learned the crew here love partying, I would say more than New Yorkers! But overall in the day to day life, it is pretty calm and there it is definitely options to distract yourself, all you need is a car!

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