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Flying Private with Diane Von Furstenberg


As many of you already know, I have worked at Diane Von Furstenberg for six years. I’ve had the honor to meet her in person and share many great experiences with her at work. Whether that be listening to her empowering speeches, giving her input on fashion trends, or showing her how I style my own wrap dress on the sales floor.


It was a truly amazing experience, but I never imagined I would be given the most unimaginable opportunity: flying with her in her very own private plane. I’ve never been on a private airplane before, so that was already a very cool experience. On top of that, the fact that she was in it with me, for seven hours on our way to the west coast, was the most unforgettable part.

Last November, the corporate team decided to host a pop-up shop for a couple of days in Los Altos, California. We have an amazing clientele there, but we don’t have a store. So when the opportunity presented itself we were all onboard! Once we confirmed, many other opportunities were presented and we ended up hosting three other pop ups on the same trip. One at Facebook headquarters, one at The Hivery in San Francisco, and one last one in a private house with San Francisco socialites.

My boss asked me if I was interested in working the events and of course, I was all in! Nothing more exciting than a fashion work trip with the designer herself! Plus, I thought it was a great opportunity to meet new clients, which I did! I actually met many amazing people at those events.

I was told flight details were going to be sent my way, little did I know...I got an email confirmation from Diane’s assistant with the airport details (an airport I’ve never heard of) I told my boss, “Where is this airport?” she responded, “You are flying private”, I was shocked and so excited!

Once at the airport, I was picked up at the front gate by the pilot himself. Then I met the private flight attendant who was super sweet and offered me a fancy breakfast. Shortly after the wait, Diane boards the plane, hugs me, and says, “I’m so glad you are coming with us!”

I couldn’t stop looking at all the details; light leather, extra comfy chairs, a kitchen/bar, great finish details in the windows. I was having the best time and we hadn’t even left New York City yet!

Diane locked herself in the room in the back for a nap, and I was asked what size shoe I was. They then handed me slippers in my size, an iPad with movies and showed me to my bed, in case I wanted to sleep!

Of course, I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to stay awake and enjoy the trip. A few hours went by and Diane came back out. She had a book in her hands, her journal. She started sharing her new upcoming projects, and a bunch of incredible stories. It was magical! I feel so lucky that I was able to have this experience. It was truly unparalleled.

A few hours of fun stories went by and we were offered lunch. Diane said, “This is my favorite lunch”, I enjoyed every bite.

Upon arrival at Los Altos private airport, we were picked up and then the crazy pop-up journey started!


I’ll tell you more about that experience in a different post,  but this was for sure one of the most exciting parts of the trip.

Thank you DVF for an unforgettable experience!

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