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Leaders have the obligation to develop their team’s skills and encourage each
team member to be the best version of themselves at work. As an effective
leader you have to be able to work on each person’s opportunities and
strengthen their skills.

You are nothing without a solid team! Surround yourself with people that you
respect, who’s skills complement yours, people that surprise you. I think it is very
important to build a group of people diverse in age, background, and opinion. A
team that will be consistently there for you and grow alongside you.
The following is a list of the 20 vital qualities present in an effective leader:

1. Finding your voice within the rest of the organization.

2. Leading with impact.

3. Having a strong vision.

4. Understanding and responding to criticism.

5. Making the tough decisions and taking full responsibility for them.

6. Always giving your team credit.

7. Investing in the right people.

8. Keeping the pace moving.

9. Giving people the confidence to be self-starters.

10. Hosting weekly informal meetings and giving everyone the
opportunity to have a voice and be part of the conversation.

11. Answering questions.

12. Giving direct and honest feedback.

13. Developing a creative eye and taste through exposure to culture and
looking at what’s going on in the world.

14. Acting like no one is telling you no.

15. Having a good relationship with your boss, talking to her/him in a
very honest way.
16. Being open to hearing other’s perspectives.

17. Giving your team members projects they are passionate about.

18. Learning from criticism but remaining true to your vision.

19. Creating something original.

20. Knowing and loving your audience.

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