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I often struggle with falling asleep at night. I guess I just have a hard time giving my thoughts a break and allowing myself to rest; I’m always thinking about my next move and the never ending to do list that I have in my head daily.

I tried sleeping pills, but knew they were not healthy so I never felt comfortable taking them. I was desperately seeking something natural that would help me whenever I wanted to unwind; that’s where the oils come in!


There is basically an oil for everything. Turns out, not only can you diffuse them in different parts of your home/ office, but you can put them on your tea, or rub them on your feet and neck! 

The ones I use the most are “lavender and serenity” for sleeping, “pepper” to wake me up at work, and “elevation” to burst my mood at home in the morning. 

I wanted to share with you more info about these essential oils so you too can discover their amazing benefits.

Essential oils are highly concentrated, aromatic extracts that are created in nature, by plants. These compounds are highly volatile and found in flowers, leaves, resins, roots, and other plants. We then distill or milk them to extract the essential oil. 


Essential Oils can:

  1. Relieve pain

  2. Help with sleep and relaxation 

  3. Boost your energy 


Benefits of Diffusing: 

  1. Diffusing can refresh the air without the use of synthetic fragrances.

  2. Using essential oils in your diffuser lets you customize the aroma of your environment, while receiving the benefits they’re renowned for. 


Just like plants, essential oils can be used to support and maintain our wellness. They are a great tool to help influence our mood and access our memories and emotions. Different oils can cause physiological and emotional changes; ones we can use to improve our well being.

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