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Shanghai is the most populated urban area in
China, and the second most populated city in
the world. Nevertheless, it is very clean and
very organized. As soon as you get off the
train you’ll see all the top worldwide stores,as
well as amazing local spots.

China gives you a visa for the amount of time that you are going to be in the country. It
was a super easy process. You just have to print your itinerary, bring passport photos,
your passport, pay a fee at the embassy, and you are good to go!
When we got to the airport everything was very organized and clear. At the airport we
also realized that all the internet sites were blocked. We didn’t have much time to figure
it out and it was very hard to communicate, since almost no one speaks English in the

After our trip we found out that there’s the option to buy a “VPN” card at the airport in
order to have internet access. We moved around with a map and it was fine- at some
point we were a little lost. Luckily, we ran into a English speaking tour guide that was
walking around with a family and he showed us the way.

It is very important to bring cash because you can’t use your credit cards there, they use
another form of payment.

Make sure you are prepared with a written list of the places you want to visit and how to
get there because, as I said before, getting service is very hard and getting help from
people in the street is even harder.

Below I’ll share with you a couple of tips to enjoy your trip! 

Transportation: From New York it’s a 14-hour flight, we took a direct one and it
was very comfortable. We took a sleeping pill and it didn’t even feel like it was
that long!

In every metro station there are security checkpoints where you have to get your
bags checked, like at an airport. Don’t freak out! This is normal.

Once we got to the airport, we bought a metro card that gives you access to the
fast train and the metro. (Maglev & Metro card)

The Maglev train is the fastest train in the world! This train will take you to the
center of town and from there you can take whatever metro line you need.
Visit the Huangpu river where you can see the Shanghai Tower.
Disney Shanghai was super fun, there were a lot of people dressed in cosplay
and it was great to see.

Restaurants & Bars:


  • M on the Bund is a restaurant with delicious food and drinks, as well as a great view of the Shanghai Tower! Highly recommended.

  • Bar Rouge: Great views for drinks and party.

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