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My trip to Bali was absolutely unforgettable! I
knew it was a very Zen place, but I never
expected to have as much fun as I did!

You feel the good vibes as soon as you arrive at the airport! The airport is clean,
organized, and everything is clear. It is very easy to talk to locals; most people speak

When you’re at the airport, make sure you exchange your cash for the local currency.
Most places, if not all of them are cash only. There are a lot of nice local markets, in the
tourist spots you need to pay cash. Most restaurants accept cards.

Bali is divided into different areas and you shouldn’t miss out on any of them. I
recommend dividing your stay so that it is easier to move around. We were lucky to
meet an amazing human being who drove us around to all the touristic destinations and
explained all about their culture.

We took a boat trip to Gili island and stayed there for two nights. The boat ride was
super fun; they offered drinks and played music. The beach was very nice, white sand
and clear water. The food was another plus! There are no cars on the island so you
have to get around by horse or bike. However, it is easy to walk the island. It wasn’t my
favorite place in Bali, in the sense that it's very small and kind of dirty. It's great if you
like to dive though. I wouldn’t spend more than one day here!

Another amazing experience we had was going to a Medicine man’s home, Ketut, from
the movie Eat Pray Love. He passed away, but his son now lives there. He happened to
be available and we got to spend some time together. I honestly will never forget those

Make sure to find out if you need a visa to go to Indonesia. We did and it was super
easy. You just have to go to the embassy with passport photos, your passport, a $50-
dollar money order, and your printed itinerary.

Below are some recommendations for you! Hope you like Bali as much as I did!

Ubud: We spent three days in this area and it was perfect! It’s in the mountains and is
very tropical, relaxing, and absolutely beautiful.
Rice fields: a beautiful view and it’s very interesting to see how the process, a

Monkey Sanctuary: it can be a little uncomfortable in the sense that the monkeys
will climb on you and you can’t really do anything about it. The people that work
there advised us to stay still and not touch them or else they can get aggressive.
Take this into consideration.

Elephant Sanctuary: we didn’t love this because the elephants were very dirty
and poorly maintained, maybe they have better sanctuary’s make sure you ask
about it.


  • Balagan: a nice beach for the day

  • Kuta: Amazing beaches and great party scene. We stayed here three nights and it was unforgettable.

  • This area is known for its famous temples.

  • Uluwatu Temple: it’s breathtaking and by the water, it’s a must!

  • Omnia: a day club to spend the day at

  • Tanah Lot temple: a nice experience with great local markets

  • Restaurants & Bars:

  • Mexicali y sardine

  • Potato head

  • La Lucciola

  • Sarong

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