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I´m a New York-based fashion stylist, currently General Manager at LoveShackFancy New York City Flagship Store.


Styling is my thing.  Since I got to this city, to pursue my dream career in Fashion Marketing, 10 years ago, I´ve been styling clients around the globe. Aside from DVF (which has been my second home), I´ve worked for brands such as the Webster, Vogue, People's Revolution and Diane Von Furstenberg.


Vibrant colors play an important role in my world. My Colombian origins added to my experience in NYC´s fashion scene, have resulted in an exotic yet sophisticated approach always present in each of my projects.  


I believe in the power of first impressions and enjoy every bit of the process when making my clients make THE BEST ones. 


Fashion is my way of making a positive difference in people's lives and I LOVE IT! 






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DVF´s mantra ¨In Charge¨ has been a true inspiration – “to be committed to ourselves”- I started a self-care journey, the last couple of years, that has changed my life in the most positive way. Making my personal goals a priority, putting myself first, and doing things that make me feel healthier and grounded has allowed me to feel more fulfilled. 


“To be in charge means respecting and trusting our character, knowing that it is forever the home and the core of our strength.” Diane always says: “The most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself…to be in charge is owning who we are”- I learned to own and love myself as I am and not trying to be anyone else, but to listen to my gut and work every day in achieving my dreams.


I am proud to be part of a company whose mission is to “help all women be the women they want to be” and I have found this to be my true passion. I love helping women feel more confident and like their best selves through fashion and clothing, helping them navigate shapes and colors that will make them feel like their best selves. Those stories truly make me happy. I apply this myself when I get dressed and see the change in my day when I feel confident and comfortable with what I am wearing. Understanding your body and what looks good will forever change your life. 


To see a woman happy and confident with my suggestions is what makes me feel “In Charge”. Creating the reality I want for myself makes me feel “In Charge”.


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