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When it comes to traveling you should always focus on comfort and
efficiency! Here are a few travel outfit tips I've learned along the way:

1. You can wear the same travel outfit to and from the airport.

2. Make sure the pieces you are wearing are items that you wanted to pack
anyways. For example: A basic tee to pair with any bottom, a sweater for
the beach, or sneakers and leggings for outdoor activities.

3. Feel comfortable: Even if you are flying first class, there’s nothing worse
than sitting in jeans for more than 3 hours. When it comes to flying you
want to be super comfy; I suggest wearing your most comfortable pair of
leggings or sweatpants!

4. Don’t wear uncomfortable shoes: You never know what is going to
happen at the airport: lines get long, flights get delayed, gates get
changed. Your worst nightmare would be doing all that in uncomfortable
shoes! Be smart about this, you can wear your amazing outfits when you
land at your destination.

5. Travel lightly but take the essentials: I honestly rather check a bag and be
hands free at the gate, I travel with a nice comfortable longchamp
backpack where I have my travel essentials (hand sanitizer, moisturizer,
lip balm, makeup remover, mints, water, charger, passport). If you need a
carry on because you are not checking a bag, try not to bring a million
other things. The lighter, the better!

6. Put all travel documents and recommendations into a photo stream on
your phone and invite your travel buddy to it. Things get lost and
sometimes you don’t get a good connection at the airport. Better safe
than sorry!

Now you’re all set to jet set!

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