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When you work all day and have dinner plans, drinks, or a date right after,
you probably don’t have time to go all the way back home and get ready. It
takes too much time and energy, and everything will get delayed. We don’t
want that! So here I have some tips for those who want to make the most
out of their night and are looking for some styling ideas to go from day to

1. Mix and match dressy and casual: For example, if you are wearing a
fancy pair of pants with heels, pair it with a t-shirt to dress down the look.
It’ll be appropriate for both occasions; you can tuck it inside your pants or
you can do a side knot to make it look sexy. Another example, if you are
wearing a cute date night dress, pair it with sneakers so that you don’t
look so dressed up at the office. If you are wearing a very corporate look,
carry a top that shows some cleavage to change into after work. You can
leave on your pants/skirt and shoes.

2. It’s all in the details: Have some travel size perfume at your office so that
you can add that nice touch before leaving work.

3. Touch up: Have a basic make up bag at work so you can retouch your
makeup before leaving work. In my case, I use makeup at work because
my job requires it. I carry some setting powder to touch up and an
eyeliner, in case I want a quick nighttime look.

4. Keep it chic: Think about the bag that you will use at night. Usually we
take a big bag to work, but if you know you have plans after, try to carry a
small crossbody bag that day. This way you don’t have to go out with a
huge bag at night. This small detail can ruin your look! For going out, I
always recommend a small bag. (Preferably with a strap since a clutch is
too dressy.)

5. Prepare in advance: If you wear jewelry out but you don’t use it at work,
make sure you take it with you that day so you can add that special touch
at night.

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