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I am the type of person that wants to look fabulous on all my trips. I want to

wear my best outfits that go with the vibe of the city I’m going to. For those

that think like me, packing can be challenging. It is impossible to take all

your hair stuff, skin care, makeup, and outfits for day/ night, without having

to deal with a heavy bag.

After many trips and lots of overpacking, I realized it’s certainly not practical

to take things “Just in case”. I’ve learned my lesson and want to share these

tips that now save me time, money and stress.

1. Choose your outfits beforehand: packing random things just doesn’t work

out for a fashion girl. I hear guys say, “Just pack three pair of pants, four t-

shirts and one pair of shoes.” It blows my mind. -We need outfits- So

think about where you are going and define what type of situations you’ll

be in on your trip. For example: If you are going to the beach you know that you are probably going to wake up, get breakfast and end up at the beach or pool. In that

case, take your swimsuit and a nice cover up that is perfect for both.

If you end up changing for lunch, it will be into a casual warm-

weather outfit, and then your night outfit, and so on.

If you are going to a city where you’ll walk around all day, take a pair

of comfy shoes and different ones for your night outfit.

Take photos of all your outfits and put them into a trip photo album on your

phone so you don’t forget.

2. Mix and match your shoes and bags: Take a pair of flats and heels, a day

bag and night bag that go with most of your outfits. Carrying one pair of

shoes and one bag for each outfit takes too much space and it’s not worth

it. Try to narrow it down and take neutral colors that you can use with all

your outfits.

3. Choose the basics in terms of makeup and skin care: At home it’s fine to

have a million eyeshadows, eye pencils, highlighters, face masks, etc.

However, you truly don’t need all of that for your trip. Choose whichever

you use the most and take that.

4. Travel size: This is very important! I’ve seen friends carry their whole

bottle of lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. It is worth it to invest in travel

size bottles. (You can reuse them!)


5. Use packing cubes: One for tops, one for bottoms, one for shoes. This will

keep your bag organized and will save you loads of space.

Happy Travels!

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