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A t-shirt seems like the most basic piece you can have in your wardrobe,
but it’s also the most precious and versatile.

Always make sure you have a nice fitted white, black and grey t-shirt. I’m
about to give you 5 tips on how to wear them that will change your life!
You’ll get so much more use out of your clothes, you’ll be able to mix and
match outfits, and learn how to make them casual or elevated with just one

1. A t-shirt is all you need to dress-down an outfit: If you have a pair of fancy
pants or a slip dress in your closet, that you would like to get more use of,
just throw a t-shirt on and you are all set. For example, if you have a pair
of sequin pants or silk bell bottoms that you wore for an event and haven’t
worn since, you can easily wear them casually with a t-shirt for dinner.
You can also wear a t-shirt underneath a slip dress and pair the look with
sneakers and a crossbody bag. Now you are ready to walk around town!

2. Perfect if you don’t want to show too much skin: Mini skirts are a staple in
every woman's closet and they have been in and out of trend for so long.
A t-shirt is the perfect way to keep them on trend and wearable, it dresses
them down and also makes them look chic and cool.

3. Perfect for looking cool and relaxed: Great for one of those days when
you want to be super comfortable in your jeans or midi skirt, but don’t
want to feel like you are too dressed up. Just put on a t-shirt and you’ll
have the perfect outfit.

4. Very fashion forward: You can wear your t-shirt tucked inside of your
pants/ skirts. You can tie a little knot on the side to have it a little more
cropped with jeans, mini skirts, midi skirts, flared pants, and shorts. Then
accessorize it with fun earrings, a nice bag or a hair piece, and you will be
the coolest girl ever.

5. Wear gym clothes outside the gym: I thought I would never be the girl that
wears gym clothes to go anywhere else other than the gym, but lately I’ve

been finding that outfit very comfy on errand days or even on a lazy day
when you don’t want to dress up. Wear a nice high waisted pair of yoga
trousers with a cropped t-shirt and you’ll look sexy, relaxed and feel super

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