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Working for DVF has been by far the most amazing experience and I’ve learned and grown so much during my time working here.

I’ve always admired Diane because she is all about empowering women and truly understands a woman's body; her designs give confidence, comfort and elegance. I’ve always liked her brand and followed her since I was living in Colombia.

The first thing I wanted to see when I came to New York six years ago was the DVF building. It’s so beautiful. You won’t believe me, but it was the very first picture I posted when I moved to NYC!

One day I was contacted through LinkedIn for an interview, I couldn’t believe it! In the past, I’ve styled as a hobby, I used to buy American brands to sell in Colombia. I would style my friends in the clothes and take pictures to sell them, never knowing that would ever become my career.

I want to share what it’s like working close to Diane. She is such a hardworking, smart, feminine woman; qualities that I look up to, because that’s the type of person I want to be. I couldn’t imagine a better mentor, I’ve learned so much from her. I admire her outlook on life and how she has designed her business. She works hard every day and is involved and present. To me, that’s the key to having a successful business. 

Whenever she tells me I’m doing a great job, or that I look great, I feel so honored. Sometimes she tells me “You are such a good girl” or “We love you”... that means the world to me!

Here are a few things she always shares in her interviews and events that I’ll have with me forever:

  1. The most important relationship you have in your life is the one you have with yourself.

  2. Never be a victim.

  3. Fear is not an option.

  4. All women are strong.

  5. If you doubt your power you give power to your doubt.

  6. Connect daily: Do something for others every day, connect people, you never know how you can change someone's life by introducing them to someone you know.

  7. Expand your universe: Talk to people that you normally wouldn’t talk to.

  8. Inspire: Share your stories, your inspiration, and get inspired by others.

  9. Advocate: Always choose causes that you believe in and talk about it.

  10. When something bad happens it’s because the best things are about to happen: Everything happens for a reason.

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