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I have always been a fan of fashion documentaries, reality shows, mini
series and everything and anything related to fashion!

During this quarantine, I’ve wanted to keep getting inspired in my work and I
found a good way to be watching fashion documentaries.

So I thought I would make a list of my favorite ones and share them with
you. I hope you love them as much as I do!

It’s great to see all the step by step stories of fashion designers, icons and
what influenced them, how they got to where they are right now, the
challenges they faced, their story.
See below! I hope you all stay safe and inspired

1. Dior an I: Watch on Youtube movies
2. Scatter my ashes at Bergdorf: Watch on Youtube movies
3. September issue: Watch on Youtube movies or Amazon prime
4. Mc queen: Watch on Netflix
5. Unzipped Watch on Itunes
6. 7 Days Out with KARL LAGERFELD: Watch on Netflix
7. Jeremy scott: Watch on Netflix
8. first monday in may: Watch on Youtube
9. Marc Jacobs louis Vuitton documentary: Watch on Amazon prime
10. Mademoiselle c: Watch on Amazon prime
11. Lagerfeld confidential: Watch on Amazon prime
12. The Director Gucci Documentary: Watch on Amazon prime
13. Franca chaos and creation: Watch on Netflix
14. The eye has to travel-Diana Vreeland: Watch on Amazon prime
15. The fashion fund: Watch on Amazon prime
16. The Gospel According To Andre: Watch on Amazon prime
17. House of Z: Watch on Amazon prime
18. Very Ralph: Watch on Amazon prime

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