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Spring cleaning is NECESSARY. We often get so stressed getting ready,
because we feel like we always wear the same three things and have
NOTHING to wear. Yet, somehow the closet looks crazy full. I get it!

I specialize in achieving closet functionality while maximizing your space, so
you actually see what you have. Thus, solving all your problems, at least
wardrobe related.

Organizing your wardrobe can be overwhelming, but I have some tips and
essentials that’ll help you make it happen!

1. Store out of season clothes: In order for you to see what you have, you
need to maximize your space and get rid of the clutter. Storing your bulky
coats and heavy sweaters will help you see your beautiful options. Make
sure you divide by category and label everything you are storing. For
example, “winter coats”, “knit skirts”, “dark wash jeans”, etc. This way,
when the new season comes, you don’t have a nightmare in front of you.

2. Don’t double hang pieces in the same hanger: This will create a mess and
won’t allow you to see what you have!

3. Use velvet hangers: These are thin, chic and won’t let your clothes slide.

4. Use baby velvet hangers for bottoms; Trust me, this will help you
maximize your space and differentiate what is tops and what is bottoms.

5. Your hangers NEED to be the same color and material! I recommend
purchasing up to 4 boxes of 50 count hangers.

6. Organize by category and color code each one. “Pants”, “skirts”, “going
out tops”, “work tops”, “dresses” etc.

7. Donate: Don’t hold on to old hoarding habits that keep your closets full; let
go of items that no longer fit you and you haven’t worn in a while. Sell
those pieces that you know you’ll never wear again but feel guilty giving
away, trust me, I get it! Go get your money and spend it organizing your
closet and using what actually looks good!

8. Don’t use shoe boxes to store your shoes: Shoes should go in shelves
where you can see them! Ex: Target Stackable Shelf// Ikea's Billy
Bookcase// The Container Store Stackable Shelf

9. Use the boxes as dividers to fold intimates, pjs, or gym clothes in your

10. Alter: If it’s too big, too long, too low, but you love it, go alter it. Don’t
put it back. Set it aside and go get the work done.

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