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Fashion trends are constantly changing, they come and go. It’s always fun
to wear what’s on trend, but there are certain pieces that you should always
have in your closet. These are basics that you can mix and match with all
your other pieces:

1. Jeans: It might sound crazy, but you should have those in every color. My
favorite ones are high waisted Levis. I have them in every color: grey,
white, black, blue, light wash, ripped. To be honest they are all so
different and they all work with different tops and occasions.

2. T-shirt: Having a plain white t-shirt is definitely a must. Find one that suits
you best. I’m personally very picky with shapes and fabrics when it comes
to t-shirts and it took me a while to find one that I really liked. It is very
important to have several of them in both white and black! I promise you
can’t have enough!

3. Jean shorts: This is a summer essential! White shorts, black shorts,
denim shorts. You will get so much use out of these.

4. Black blazer: The key to dressing up any look. Find one that suits you
perfectly and you’ll have it forever.

5. Trench coat: Perfect for transitioning between seasons, when it’s really
hot or cold out. You can throw it on over dresses, pants, shorts, anything
and it’ll elevate your look instantly.

6. Black booties: Booties are the best thing you can own. They not only help
you look dressier, but they’re super comfortable. You can wear booties
with dresses, jeans, pants, anything. I have them in suede, leather, pointy
round, the list goes on.

7. Moto Jacket: This is a super trendy piece that makes any look cooler. I
personally don’t love leather, so I have a suede one. But this is a definite

8. Jean jacket: Perfect for when the weather isn’t cold yet and you need
something easy. It also works well when you have a dressy outfit and you
want to make it more casual; throw a denim jacket on and you are all set.

9. Sneakers: Forever my favorite shoes. I have them in every color and I
can’t get enough. They are super comfortable and they make any outfit
look super cool. There are so many brands nowadays, it’s easy to find
which ones suit your personal style best.

10. High waisted flared pants: These are very chic and elegant.
Whenever you are going to a meeting or to dinner you can always wear a
pair and look chic. You can dress this up or down depending on where
you are going. You’ll always be on trend.

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